Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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.... go to At paypal direct the donation to To send needed supplies, email to get a street address for large deliveries. Small packages via USPS can go to: Mandeville Hospital Relief P.O. Box 869 Youngsville, LA 70592-0869

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Gathering supplies as they dwindle; refugees pouring in.


short update. I am racing the sunset to reinstall the grill on my van. it had been off for maintenance when katrina hit, and it includes the headlights!

just returned from crowley, louisiana, where i was able to pick up six 55-gallon gas drums and two rotary pumps with gas lines.

gas is still $2.44 right now in lafayette but my cousin says it jumped to $2.90 late this afternoon in new iberia. i am racing time to get the gas cans down to my uncle's in baldwin, la., to strap them on a trailer and fill them up tonight. that kind of increase will cost $180 extra, and i am trying to stretch the dollars you lizardoids have sent as far as possible. san diego dentist


my cousin, a very capable person, is now assisting me. we know this is a tall order, but it would help us out IMMENSELY if we could find a PTO GENERATOR (power-take-off). this is a generator that hooks up to a tractor - and/or a 20,0000 kilowatt generator. that is a lrage one. generators are emptying out all over the country. if you know any one who can help, <b>please e-mail me at :</b> -----------------------------------------------------

the hospital called me again and they have a critical responder wristband waiting for me when i get there. what is key right now is securing a store of gasoline - and protecting it well, out of sight.

people are pouring into lafayette in an increasing stream, and quite a few i have seen have brought what might be described, for lack of a better word, as a "ghetto" style with them. they are driving like maniacs, cutting people off, and cranking rap music. several people i met today have commented on this, and the consensus is: the chaos stops here. lafayette is a nice town, and the locals around here will not tolerate any form of looting or acting out. most of us are armed. we will not tolerate a situation like there was in baton rouge earlier, with rioting and looting. this is corrosive to public order, and must be prevented at all costs.

everyone is in stores looking for gas cans but there are none available.

there are no air mattresses available.

gasoline looks like it's going to become a problem, quickly.


Crowds growing angry outside hospital; no security; FEMA will not respond.

Yet another call from sister-in-law at the Mandeville hospital.

There are growing numbers of people gathering outside the hospital. Some are getting angry. There is no food or water for them. There is no shelter. The hospital staff are trying to find buses to take them to Baton Rouge, but can't find buses. THERE IS NO SECURITY! FEMA is not responding to ANY requests, and cannot be reached. She is asking me to get ahold of her uncle, the mayor, ASAP, to send armed guards.

I had told her to call an emergency meeting of all staff and gather all weapons. She says that so far, none of the doctors want to be the first to pull out a gun.

St. Tammany hospital in Covington has armed guards at every door right now. Lakeview Regional in Mandeville, La. has none.




My brother's wife just called at 2:15 p.m. CST on 8-31-05

The emerging needs so far are:

1. Air mattresses.

2. COBRA long-range walkie talkies (or another brand, as long as they're the same) - 10 pairs.

3. Ten (10) 5-day ice chests, the kind you can plug in.

4. Veterinary staff and supplies

5. All the gasoline, diesel and water we can send.

The hospital is partially flooded and staff are having to sleep on the floors upstairs, and space is getting very tight.

These items are disappearing from La. shelves. We may need these shipped in from other states.

A key point about the veterinary stuff - my sister-in-law says this is critical becuase there are ravenous wild dogs everywhere and quite a few people are being bitten. Four cases in the E.R. today. They need to be able to establish animal control. I am now consulting with them on getting their guns together, as armed mobs are reported now in certain areas.

Can anyone work on items # 1-4?

I would say send as many as you can.

as UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box, please e-mail me to get a home address to send supplies!

any help greatly appreciated!


Katrina updates

Michelle Malkin is doing a great job of keeping up with Katrina news, with lots of links and updates.


Searching for materials

It is now 1 p.m. CST and I have been working the phone all morning. Generators are scarce, but I can get three by tomorrow if I place an order today. However, at 5,000 kilowatts, they are too small to be very useful.

I'm looking for something 8,000 kilowatts and up. My father called from California and said he can get a 7,500 one at Lowe's and have it shipped. Also, blogger Bordm is trying to scare up some 8,000 KW welding machines, which have generators attached.

I have been tied up on the phone for over an hour trying to convince PayPal to cut some red tape and release to my bank the $4,500 which has been raised so far. I would not take no for an answer, and finally they have agreed to break the rules and "force" all the money into my bank account where I can use it. Now I must get my bank to accept the expedited transfer. My aunt just called. She is on the board of directors of the bank and is working the phones to get this money cleared for immediate use. UPDATE - my aunt just called, and everything has been cleared with my bank. The last piece of the puzzle is that I have to get a fax sent from PayPal to the bank verifying that they have cut the tape. WHEW!

Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette has kindly agreed to help us out. They have quite a few people who want to pitch in. As I am spread very thin right now, I have asked Sandra Brasseaux to take on the project of finding an appropriate truck/van and trailer, and she is heroically pitching in to help. She is working on it right now.

I will be traveling to Crowley, La. tomorrow or late this afternoon to pick up fuel drums and pumps.

Veterinary supplies are on the way by UPS from the Dallas area.

I am awaiting the call from my brother with the hospital's needs list, once the FEMA pallet dropped today has been inventoried.

Thank you to everyone who is so generously pitching in!


Fund Update

I am thrilled to report that two more generous donations, added to the incredible outpouring from bloggers at, have just pushed the fund over the $3,000 mark!

What a great statement of BLOG POWER!

I am going to turn in for a little sleep, as I need to be up and at 'em early. As utterly saddened as I am by what we have seen today, at the same time I am uplifted by the massive outpouring of help just starting to gain momentum. Americans helping Americans. E pluribus unum....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Another call from my brother

my brother called again about midnight.

the cell towers are back on-line. no power, no internet. the water is running but i told him they better make damn sure of the source, or start boiling like crazy. will have to hunt up propane burners and crawfish pots from the locals.

FEMA is dropping a pallet of supplies at the hospital sometime tomorrow. once the contents are inventoried, the hospital is going to put together a list for me of needed items.

one need already voiced by his wife (an army veterinarian who worked at guantanamo) is animal care. of course, in this situation, human life is paramount. i am going to pass on her concerns. she says there are no supplies at all to treat people's pets, no animal relief, and they are frantic. she has an intense love for animals, but no supplies are available.

here is what she is requesting - i am going to check around here tomorrow:

veterinary catheters, tape, normal saline solution 0.9% and/or Normasol fluid.

i am still evaluating all the incredibly generous offers of help. y'all are going to have to give me some time to get some sleep, and catch up on the e-mails. also tomorrow, my brother is going to give me an estimate of how many generators are needed.

thanks for all the help!


Address for relief supplies

MamaAJ, poster said,

"I'm sitting here wishing I could do more and had a thought: me 'n my kids could go to the Commisary and Base Exchange in the morning and buy easy-to-ship supplies like alcohol-based wipes and MRE's and take them to the post office. Cheaper than retail and the P.O. seems to move things in and out very fast--my Amazon free shipping orders get here overnight sometimes!" -------------------

OK, here goes some more of my privacy, but here goes: Anyone wishing to ship supplies such as the above by mail should send them to:

Mandeville Hospital Relief P.O. Box 869 Youngsville, LA 70592-0869

if you try to send stuff straight to mandeville, it will be real difficult. but the mail CAN get to my area, and so i will haul the stuff to the hospital!

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